Off to see It…


Off to see Italy.  We embarked on our fabulous vacation today, getting to the airport early and watching as our flight to SFO came in 2 hours late.  After boarding the plane and having no help from the airlines we missed our connecting flight to Frankfurt by 5 minutes.  As I say everything happens for a reason.  There is a reason we were not meant to get on the flight.  We then 

proceeded to try to get on any other flight today to Frankfurt, London, where ever to get us closer to Venice. Well I am typing this while sitting at a hotel next to SFO as our flight now leaves tomorrow and we miss a whole day in Venice.   Again believing everything happens for a reason. We are blessed to have a great group traveling with us.  We will all arrive in Venice on Sunday afternoon instead of Saturday afternoon and  I have one less day to search for Johnny Depp. 
After being in airports since 8 am, we realized around 4 pm that we were not going to make any flights headed out today.  We were waking back  i the international terminal to get our boarding passes when we asked a United pilot directions then asked him where he was going.  Frankfurt!  The poor man had 8 women accosting him begging him to take us with him.m good thing he was good natured and endured us.
Giovanni was amazing today, so calm and cool.  Handled the airlines with ease and grace.  Made a friend with customer service Kate and she went out of her way to help us and understand our dilemma.  
Now to find our luggage, we had international tickets and our luggage was in the domestic terminal.  All but 2 bags were located.  Carol and Janet’s luggage was still missing. 
Shuttle buses to the hotel.  We all bunked together and laughed about our day.  Everyone really gets along well.
More about the travelers later.
Patience and gratitude, on a full flight, smack dab in the center of 5 seats and Gio is across in a window seat.  Breathe yogi girl breathe.
So we arrive in Venice, (finally) after what seems like days.  Carol and Shoshana have their suitcases and now Giovanni’s is missing.  Luckily we saw some women with an H&M bag and there is a store here in Venice so Giovanni came buy some clothes until his suitcase shows up.  Something to be said for familiarity when in need of essentials.
Yesterday after checking in to our  beautiful hotel we went out in search of the boat regatta through little alleys winding around buildings built many century’s ago.  The history and detail in the design is breath taking.  Giovanni kept saying “look up!”.  We turned a corner and there was St. Mark’s square.  My eyes filled up with tears at the exquisite beauty.  
We went and watched a bit of the regatta, the gang wanted to shop and Giovanni and I went in search of the restaurant we wanted to have dinner.  We walked and walked over bridges and through alleys and stopped at many restaurants and finally found the alley way with the restaurant I had researched.  It was packed so we decided to have dinner there on Monday night.  Got back to the room and the gang was ready for dinner and we walked next door to the hotel and had a wonderful dinner filled with laughter and smiles even though most of us had not slept in 2 days.  It’s true Pizza in Italy does taste better,who do the cappuccino’s.  
Took another after dinner walk to St. Marks Square and the bands were playing on both sides of the square and Marie started to dance, Carol joined her and the band invited them to dance out front.  The band played New York, New York and they danced away.  The perfect ending to a crazy start of our trip.  
Today a trip to Murano and Lido.  Stay tuned for introductions of all our travelers and more stories.  
Caio for now!!
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2 Responses to  Off to see It…

  1. Cristi says:

    So glad you finally made it. Enjoy! Love to everyone.

  2. Mary Hubl says:

    I love your open-hearted attitude toward the surprises travel can bring! Your wonderful blog makes me feel like I am there with you. XOX

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