Italy traveler spotlight: Shoshana


Next profile:  Shoshana Geron.  My lovely wonderful friend.  Shoshana has a heart of gold and always there to help.  She may not be technically savvy but with all of us helping out she does just fine.  She is learning how to text (slowly). Shoshana is the one who is helping me out with my journey in studying Judaism.  She inspires me when I go to Shabbat and answers my questions.  It’s like having my own personal tutor.  She works with her sons at executive auto detailing and sales.  Fresno peeps, you have seen their license plate frames all over town.  She loves her family, devoted to her grand kids and her yoga practice is inspiring.  

Today Susan put makeup on Shoshana for the first time and she looks beautiful.  She said her mom never taught her, she had no sisters, and she has only boys so it was never important.  
First day in Florence:
Oh my after 2 days of no cars and living on an island it was like being back in San Francisco.  Cars, buses, people.  We went from handsome gondola drivers to fun pedi cab drivers, (a whole new story)
We got off the train and called the hotel.  Laura at hotel Perseo wondered why we were here a day early.  WHAT???  Panic attack.  My fault completely.  We walked to the hotel and Laura who I have been working with for months made everything perfect!  We all bunked in 3 rooms.  We will move into our own rooms on Wednesday (today)
We found the most charming restaurant for lunch called  Za Za.  Food and wine yummy.
Most of us are still sleep deprived but my motto on this trip is, “we’re on vacation, you can sleep when you get home!”
Our hotel is right next to the duomo.  It is stunning, wait that doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Today we will explore it after the museums.
So Susan, Kitty and I decide to go and explore.  We found a pedi cab which usually holds only 2 people but we scrunched into it and the adventure started.  We all thought people were looking at us and laughing.  In actuality they were looking at us because the driver kept honking to move people out of the way.  
Our driver, I’ll call him Michael because he looks like Michael Sanchez did not speak a word of english and we all pretended to know what he was saying in Italian.  He took us to the Ponte vecchio bridge and all around Venice.  We found the boar for good luck and while he was taking our photo many other people asked him to take theirs.  Back in the pedi cab and off to Dante’s museum, then to a memorial for a mafia hit.  Susan needed to know if it was bang bang or boom!  This is one of those times where you had to be there.  We have the video, very funny, not the hit, Susan communicating with Michael Sanchez.  
Back to Marie for a moment…….we are on the rooftop cafe at the Uffizi and Marie decided that when in Rome and going to the Vatican that the picture of her and the Pope, people will say, “there’s Marie, but whose the guy in the beanie?”
Marie wandered away last night and was MIA for 4 hours.  Around 2 am she finally found her way home and today is having a drink with the guy who helped her back to the hotel.  
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