Something to think about for the New Year!

I know the holidays are over now, but this should be something we do throughout the year and it makes for a great way to start the new year!

Have you ever wondered why some sales people are so grumpy?  Why when you walk into a store, the bank, Starbuck’s even people looked stressed and not happy to be there.  I asked a bank teller once why  she wasn’t very happy, asked if she liked her job.  She said she loved her job, really enjoyed most people, but, the inevitable “but”, there are people who come to my window very unhappy.  I am here to help them, I don’t have the ability to increase their balance but I will do what I can to help them.  She said, “it’s the people, they get angry at me for them overdrawing their account”.  Seems pretty silly, but we’ve all done it. Anyone not had an argument with AT&T or Comcast about their account?

Brings me to December 23rd.  Rainy Sunday.  Needed to run some errands and last minute gifts.  Got to a store (shall remain nameless), not that busy, got what I needed and went to the counter.  I had watched the salesgirl and knew she wasn’t keen on being there so when I arrived at the register I asked her, “What’s going on, Christmas got you down?”  She said, “Christmas is fine, it’s people!  They are just rude, uncaring and only concerned about their needs”So I agreed with most of what she said, told her I understood and that’s why I love my cats and that more people should really stop for a moment and reflect on how their behavior affects those around them.  This is the season for giving, not just gifts, I would like to include kindness.  You know there are going to be lines but still complain when you get stuck in one.  By time Christmas Day arrives most people are completely trashed. They barely get through the day and are happy it’s over, and it only gets worse when the credit card bills start arriving in January.

We can talk about New Year’s Resolutions all we want, let’s change the attitude long before, like the day after Thanksgiving.

The rush is on, gotta get shopping, it’s Black Friday, it’s what we are suppose to do, (at least what the media tells us we are suppose to do).  Retailers open early, wait, they never close, then the argument ensues, should the big box stores be open on Thanksgiving?? I don’t know about anyone else but the last thing I want to do after being with friends and family on Thanksgiving, while giving Thanks for what we have, friendships, family and the love we share with them.

So for this New Year, set resolutions of kindness, peace and compassion.  Enjoy your friendships, it’s not about the gifts and rushing to the best sales, it’s about being together, laughing and enjoying the moment.  Make time to be, be mindful, be peaceful, be in the moment, be still, to enjoy nature and enjoy the fall of rain.

Cheers to a happy and healthy, wonderful and whimsical New Year!

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