Wonder, Courage and Gratitude ~ all parts of making you whole

Wonder, Courage, and Gratitude
by Isaac Gunner Geron, Jr
Have you ever wondered, just how much of you needs to be given up in this life? How much of ourselves must we sacrifice to keep life moving smoothly? To what length do we stretch our arms open, and embrace our life? How much courage does it actually take to live your dream?

It turns out, again and again, that we must give up every ounce of ourselves in order to continue down the cobble stoned current. If, and when, we choose to not cooperate with the current, we cause a major struggle, an interference. As the storms of our life weather, causing more water to rush down at a faster pace, we are challenged even more to surrender. This current which builds stronger and stronger, will aid us back into the now, the current moment, until we give in, smoothing out the kinks. This is equivalent to the once rigid rocks that stood the test of time, and over time, smoothed out into the cobble stones we know of, by letting the current takes it’s course.

Give in. Let out. Permeate. Embrace. Shed. Burst!

It is said we must be flexible, physically, mentally, and emotionally, for if not, we shall bend to a certain degree and break.

What is your breaking point? Do we really have to be broken down?

In reality, yes we do. This is where our humility, our wonder, our courage, and our gratitude comes into play. This is where we have the opportunity to see the foundation we have built under ourselves. To see if everything is truly in place, and also to see if there is anything in which we can shift or transform, to create something that aids us spiritually.

The moments in life that cause us the most pain, the most agony, the most heart ache, indeed turn out to be the most purifying, centering, and life-altering experiences. Without pain, there is no joy. I am grateful for pain. Without courage, I could not be here where I am, in the luminous energy field. I am grateful for my courage. Without gratitude, I could not stand here and smile. For each infliction would have wounded and crippled the spirit. I am grateful for my gratitude. Without wonder, I would not have been graced by the global consciousness. I am grateful to wonder. To see, think, feel, hear, and taste with a resiliently compassionate heart.

My wonder, helps me wander, even in the darkest of days. It has helped me churn the stagnant water of my life. Why do we call things wonderful?

Today, ask yourself how a bit more of your imaginative, wondering mind, can aid you in your journey.

Today, ask yourself how much strength is in your reservoir, to find the courage to do what needs to be done, and speak what needs to be spoke.

Lastly, today, ask yourself how you would feel, if you were to find all the areas in your life that need that extra love, and give gratitude to them for upholding their space and sharing their light with you.

Wonder + Courage + Gratitude = Your wonderful life!

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