Humanity, Peace and Tradition

by Isaac Gunner Geron

Food for Thought:

How does pressure effect our well being?

Let’s use carbon for an example.

Carbon is an element that is “essential” for life on Planet Earth.

As a matter in fact, Carbon is the derivative of what every living organism is made up from. Carbon is so diverse, it can create over a million compounds. Carbon is also responsible for one of the hardest objects on Earth, the diamond, as well as the one of the softest, graphite. That being said, the human body itself is composed of eighteen percent carbon. This natural occurrence, or presence of carbon in the body, has a similar effect on our trans personal facets of life, (the mind, body, spirit, and soul) just as the moon has it’s effect on the tides; creating a natural pull to our circadian rhythms. Pressure in extreme conditions can be marvelous, yet it can also be very detrimental.

For some, the energy of pressure can be utilized and transformed into a beautiful, resilient diamond.

On the contrary, the energy of pressure can be perceived and metabolized as grinding and disheartening, creating a different product out of the same element; graphite. A product which is brittle and soft in reality.



How does pressure have anything to do with the vibration felt in Israel?

Israel is a country filled full of culture, tradition, and ancient ruins, also serving as the setting of biblical stories. Israel is also a country that is moving swiftly along with the technological advances of modernization. Yet if you think about Israel’s location, it serves as the primary hot spot for religious and spiritual seekers around the world. The journey to Jerusalem, to arrive at the Western Wall, has been a tradition for 1000’s of years. Prayers are folded up in tiny papers and placed in the cracks of the wall, in turn sending their wishes, prayers, and energy out into the universe. My belief is that these traditions of spreading peace, acknowledging your wrongdoings, and helping those around you, is in itself what keeps the strength of the people alive. Humanity, peace, and tradition have arrived out of an awareness and acknowledgement to fix and cope with what brings pain and suffering. Before diving into the the topic, it is very important to recognize and distinguish the countries surrounding Israel. gunnerblog2

Most countries that surround Israel are represented by leaders of terrorist organizations. There are innocent civilians within each country that want peace, and have nothing to do with the fighting and animosity that persists.

The civil war going on amongst the people in Syria is a tragedy. So not only do Israelis feel this tension, or this pressure in extreme conditions, but those who are caught in the middle of destruction and battle, held hostage, and coerced to live within the danger are effected just as much. So the question being proposed is how can humanity, tradition, and peace be maintained in such a challenging environment? From my personal experience of visiting Israel, hearing the bombs, and seeing the explosions across the border, speaking with soldiers of the IDF, and getting to eat and speak with family members about life as an Israeli, all helped me put things into a perspective, where the love people have for Israel is so passionate and true, that nothing will scare them away from living there.

Whatever it is that we as humans seek, at the stitch of it all, there lies love. Within love, there are many facets such as: manipulation and generosity, jealousy and compassion, unity and separation. Love is generally portrayed as something positive, yet in reality, love has two sides as just expressed. We all want and wish the best for for those close to us whom we love, as well as ourselves. We all have the right to live vibrantly and free. Yet depending on our own personal perception, as well as the environment we grow up in, we generally can wish the best for those we don’t know as well. I say “generally” because what happens to our human nature when competition is involved, the well being of your own life, or even
the life of your family and friends?

To begin to understand the pressures and vibrations felt in and among Israel, we can look into the fight and flight response of the parasympathetic nervous system. We shall start here to see how a human being naturally responds to a perceived threat. When a human being is threatened, there is but two reactions: to stay and fight what is trying to harm you, or to flee in fear in order to protect your well being. So when we consider what naturally happens to our state of being in times of felt pressure and constant threats, we can build compassion and tolerance towards others choices who are under pressure. After all, the point is not to judge or compare, the point is to build up the proper knowledge and wisdom, in order to take action in a proper manner to neutralize any negatively charged energy.

At this point, it is important to acknowledge that the Israeli-Arab conflict is a complete and total tragedy for both sides. The problems that arise are very complex, and undeniably for the right reasons. There happen to be Muslim and Christian Arabs with Israeli citizenship, as well as the Palestinians that live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that cause friction amongst neighboring people. Supposed enemies live amongst each other. This easily leads to mistrust and anxiety. With Jerusalem being a spiritual center of the world, you can begin to imagine the sensitive issues that arise amongst the traditional Orthodox Jews and Arabs in neighborhoods. The traditional religious people, coexisting among the modern day secular people, tends to stir up a bit of animosity as well.

Amidst this swirling energy of passion for God, for life, for love, and land, there seems to be a common understanding underlying everyone who lives in Israel. From my personal perception, this common understanding is a dire need for peace. The only way humanity has been sustained, is through the people living out there lives keeping tradition alive. In traditions, there is a common ground of consistency, artistic integrity, gatherings,
food, laughter, crying, conversations, and most of all a connection amongst people. Without tradition, our modern day lives would go astray with technology getting in the way of people staying connected to the earth and our true nature. Without tradition, us as a humanity would forget where we have come from. We would lose sight of the importance to interact, share, and trade amongst each other in order for the human species to prosper, thrive, and evolve.

When we ground ourselves back down to the earth through traditions, we purify ourselves with conscious thought, and amplify the energy when done in groups of people. We in turn feel loved, and we also feel peace. Just like how waves go up and down, the ebb and flow, the dark gives to the light, the left gives to right, we too shall find our balance in the center among the common daily struggles. Israel is a prime example that we can still find peace amongst the chaos. Israel proves that regardless of whatever happens in your life, when you have faith, and connect to something greater than yourself, when you give your life to the earth instead of trying to conquer it, and when you live a life of charity and selflessness, you shall always be protected by grace, love, and peace.



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