Imagine simplifying your life at this very moment.

What would it take? What would you have to do? What needs to go? What needs to be brought in?

Simplification is a term that seems to be thrown out there quite often. Yet when we are faced with the task to simplify things for ourselves, it does not seem to be so simple.

The truth is, simplifying takes time, and some periods will indeed take longer than others depending on the circumstances of course.

For a moment, imagine the term “simplify” turning into the word “purify”. With that transition alone, it seems to give more of a clue as to what we need to do in order to face the task of simplification in our lives.

When we think of purifying, we think of taking out all that is bad, unnecessary, toxic, and wasteful in a certain person, place, or thing.

As in purifying metals, water, bodies, etc., we must understand that it takes heat to burn things out. A true fire that is consistent will raise the temperature to the certain point that allows the chemical compounds to break down and release any of the unwanted materials.

In humans, notice how the body will naturally purify itself in the form of heat. When we become ill, the bodies natural response will be to raise the core temperature to a feverish state. The body knows best how to defend itself, so by raising the body temperature, it in turn burns out and sweats out all the bad bacteria and mucus in the body.

When it comes to humans mentally purifying, we must seek to find ways that naturally applaud us for our efforts. This can also be known as following your intuition.

With the daily hustle and struggle of living in society, we have naturally forgotten how to pick up on signals our bodies give us. We have too much artificial light on once it is dark outside which will keep us up for too long, we have over sized portions of meals, so we begin to stretch our bellies out and lose perception of a natural full sensation from our stomach, and we energize our self with too much caffeine and processed sugar throughout the day just to keep ourselves at par.

We wish to simplify things in our lives, but we must first come in tune with the rhythms of the Earth to begin to recuperate our natural vitality. We must educate ourselves, refresh ourselves with new tasks, practice self love, and have patience for the journey.

After all, life is a journey.

When we expect too much, when we ask too much, when we care too much, we leave ourselves room to feel pain too much, and too often.

We must strive to find a balance, and that balance will be learned through the pain of our downfalls and failures. Failure is a blessing in disguise, pointing you to your task of how you will tackle the next issue.


Gunner Geron





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